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Win Row Farm Lease/Purchase Program

WRF often has horses available for full or partial lease to students who are advanced enough to groom, tack and handle a horse/pony mounted and un-mounted without help. Leasing allows students to progress faster in their lessons by gaining more seat time between lessons. Student with a full lease take on all the financial responsibility of the horse as if it was theirs, without actually owning. A partial or share lease is when a student leases a horse that is also being shared with the farm to use for lessons or with another student. In the share lease, riding time is usually pre-determined by when the horse (if a school horse) is necessary for lessons. The one leasing can ride an hour on 2-3 days the horse has off from lessons, plus their scheduled lesson day. With the partial lease, the financial responsibility is shared. Leasing also gives the rider a chance to realize the commitment in owning a horse before purchasing. Students who lease also have first choice of that horse for shows. Leased horses can be shown at the lower levels from Walk-Trot to Novice Jumping. Anyone interested should contact Amy as to which horses are available, for an appropriate horse for the rider’s level, goals and costs.

When a student is ready to own their own horse, a discussion of that rider’s ability and goals are determined. The purchasing of a horse can be a long, slow process and should not be taken lightly. Safety and compatibility of the horse and rider, along with the ability of the horse to meet the rider’s goal is vital. All horses do not have the ability or temperament for every rider. The process of inquiring, going to see potential horses and getting them in on trail for the rider and trainer to asses is essential. Both rider and trainer are looking for a successful partnership. 

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